The 10 Best Spark Plug Wire Sets – 2021 (Review & Buyer’s Guide)

best spark plug wires


What are the best spark plug wires for your car, truck, or SUV?

You’ve likely noticed that your engine is idling rougher than it should and there’s less power and acceleration. Not a good sign.

Maybe your engine light has come on as well? Ya, it’s not looking good.

The last thing you need is for your engine to completely stall, leaving you stranded.

But you know that you need to replace the spark plug wires because a couple of them are looking bad.

Maybe you need to replace the spark plugs as well? Luckily, spark plug wires and spark plugs don’t always need to be replaced at the same time.

It’s best to be sure that both need to be replaced, before spending time and money to do both at the same time if it’s not necessary.

There are dozens of spark plug wires on the market but how do you narrow down the list so it’s easier to find the set that will work best?

We’ve done the research that will make it easy for you to choose which spark plug wire set will work best in your car.

The Top 5 Spark Plug Wire Sets

NGK (8034) RC -HE761992-2000 Honda*-High-quality performance
-Offers excellent noise suppression
-Tight fit
NGK (7962) – RC-XX90 1996 – 2012 Hyundai
2004 – 2012 Kia*
-Exceptional noise suppression
-Very durable
-Consistent performance
Edelbrock 22716 Ultra Spark 1999 – 2014 GM Trucks*– Leads that deliver a low 40 ohms of resistance per-foot for maximum EMI/RFI noise suppression
– Heavy-duty 8.5mm diameter silicone jacket to protect the Kevlar spiral wound core from heat, moisture, and chemicals
– Extremely high EMI/RFI suppression along with a very low resistance to help deliver the most spark possible
JDMSPEED High-Performance2000 – 2009 Chevy GMC V8*– high-temperature 100% pure silicone insulator outer layer
– Spiral-Wound Copper Conductor
– Extremely Low Resistance
combined with extremely high EMI suppression
ACDelco 9748HH ProfessionalGM, Chrysler, Ford, Honda, Nissan, Toyota*– 8 wires per set
– High-temp resistant silicone insulator
– Coil retainer prevents micro-arcing and fretting
* verify fitment with manufacturer

NGK (8034) RC -HE76 Spark Plug Wire Set


  • High-quality performance
  • Offers excellent noise suppression
  • Tight fit
  • Durable


  • Some wires may be short for custom fits


The NGK RC-HE76 is a fantastic spark plug wire that meets the strict OEM standards.

It’s a versatile option too, designed for use in a wide range of vehicles.

NGK RC-HE76 uses a “variable pitch” wire winding construction, guaranteeing high resistance to radio frequency interference (RFI).

Along with the high resistance to RFI, the variable pitch construction also delivers a powerful spark and incomparable EMI noise suppression.

The stainless steel corrosion-resistant terminal ends offer a tight fit and optimal resistance to vibration and separation.

In addition, the silicone outer jackets in the four wires resist moisture, oil/petrol, and cracks, ensuring more durability of this wire set.

NGK (7962) -RC-XX90 Spark Plug Wire Set


  • Exceptional noise suppression
  • Very durable
  • Consistent performance


  • Doesn’t always fit the seal right


The NGK RC-XX90 is an award-winning spark plug wire set made with high-quality and durable materials.

This wire set offers incredible noise suppression and superior performance in your vehicle’s ignition system.

The folks at NGK use a variable pitch construction on RC-XX90 set to enhance resistance to RFI.

The stainless terminal ends in this spark plug wire set are corrosion-resistant, and they deliver a perfect fit.

This product has received higher ratings and positive reviews due to outstanding performance, excellent looks, and extreme sturdiness.

NGK 54058 Spark Plug Wire Set


  • Extreme durability
  • Excellent noise suppression
  • Reliable performance
  • Superior fuel saving


  • Some applications have short wires


The NGK 54058 is another top-rated spark plug wire set for the reputable NGK brand.

As with other NGK wire sets, the NGK 54058 uses the variable pitch winding method for powerful spark and excellent noise suppression.

This leading wire set comes with numbered wires for easy cylinder identification. The coil wires are also color-coded for perfect and easy installation.

High temp silicone jacket in the terminal ends resists extreme temperatures up to 482 degrees F.

This wire set meets the stringent OEM standards for a wide range of vehicles.

Most customers have loved this product for its outstanding durability, top-notch performance, and superior firing.

Edelbrock 22716 Ultra Spark Plug Wire


  • High-quality materials
  • Low resistance of 40 ohms per foot
  • Optimal RFI noise suppression


  • The eight wires may not be compatible with some vehicles


The Edelbrock 22716 is an affordable and efficient spark plug wire set that delivers high performance.

This wire set has high RFI and EMI noise suppression. The 8.5 mm silicone jacket provides excellent protection to the core, securing it from moisture, chemicals, and heat.

The Edelbrock 22716 can provide the correct voltage in your vehicle since it can deliver maximum power output.

Edelbrock 22716 meets all the OEM standards, making it a perfect replacement in a wide variety of vehicles.

Wire leads used in making this unit deliver a low 40 ohms of resistance per-foot for maximum EMI/RFI noise suppression.

JDMSPEED High-Performance Spark Plug Ignition Wire


  • Great quality
  • Affordable
  • Excellent design
  • Long-lasting


  • Not compatible with many vehicle models


If you are looking for an affordable and well-performing spark plug ignition wire, you can’t go wrong with this wire set.

The JDMSPEED’s spark ignition wire comes ready for installation straight out of the box. It’s specifically designed for 2000-2009 CHEVY GMC V8.

This spark plug wire set comes with angled boots for improved performance and ease of installation.

Each piece measures 10.2mm and is made with the Spiral wound design for RFI suppression.

With the high-temp silicone boots and sleeves, this ignition wire has ultra-high strength for extra resistance to moisture and the engine’s extreme temperature.

ACDelco 9748HH Professional Spark Plug Wire Set


  • Compatible with many vehicles
  • 8 wires per set
  • High-temp resistant silicone insulator
  • Coil retainer prevents micro-arcing and fretting


  • Not numbered or color-coded


The ACDelco 9748GG is a top-rated spark plug wire set compatible with over 96% of domestic and imported vehicles in the US.

It comes with eight wires perfectly designed for excellent fit and outstanding performance. You can expect a better engine performance once you install these wires in your vehicle.

The terminal design in the eight wires improves spark plug retention, prevents corrosion, and eases the installation process.

Other beneficial features in this wire set include the high-temp resistant silicone insulator and a spark plug distributor boot shape for correct fitting.

It also comes with a coil retainer for micro-arcing and fretting-resistance.

ACDelco 748UU GM Original Equipment Spark Plug Wire Set


  • Easy to install and fits nicely
  • Manufactured with quality materials
  • Durable


  • Problematic removing


The ACDelco 748UU is a high-quality spark plug wire replacement for almost all types of vehicles.

This spark plug wire is made from fiberglass-reinforced silicone insulators to make it anti-corrosive and deliver a tight fit.

A thick, treated silicone jacket protects the core from the engine compartment’s abrasion and harsh temperatures to maintain reliable performance.

With this spark plug wire set installed in your vehicle, you can be sure of excellent performance like that of your GM vehicle’s original factory unit.

Consumers appreciate the terminal design as it improves spark plug retention and simplifies the installation process.

ACDelco 9718Q Professional Spark Plug Wire Set


  • Durable and reliable even in extreme conditions
  • Made with high-quality materials
  • Perfect fit
  • Wide variety of applications


  • A bit pricey


ACDelco offers another premium spark plug wire set loved by many customers due to its perfect quality.

The ACDelco 9718Q comes with a thick insulating silicone to protect the core and prevent the effects of heat from the engine to the wires.

Exceptional wire conductor, wire length of 28.2 inches, and diameter provides maximum spark delivery and protection.

The spark plug distributor boot shape and materials offer a perfect fit, easy installation, and a water-tight seal

While this wire set is a bit expensive, it’s very worth it since it’s a perfect OEM replacement.

ACDelco 746U For GM Vehicles


  • Affordable
  • Quality materials
  • Designed to suppress EMI and RFI
  • Durable


  • Limited compatibility to GM vehicles


If you are on a tight budget and still want one of the best spark plug wire sets, the ACDelco 746U is for your car.

This wire set features a fiberglass braid and carbon impregnated fiberglass core for maximum electrical conductivity and sturdiness.

The wires are designed to suppress noise from EMI and RFI for better conductivity and improved performance.

The thick silicone jacket protects the wire against abrasion and extreme temperatures. The unit’s distributor boot shape and materials guarantee proper fit and water-tight seal.

While driving, you will be impressed by the improved spark plug retention for non-separation delivered by the seamless terminal design in these wires.

Denso 671-8062 Original Equipment Replacement Wires


  • Identical to factory-installed units
  • 8-piece set
  • Class E rated silicone jacket that is resistant to moisture, heat, and cold


  • Not numbered or color-coded


The Denso 671-8062 comes with class E rated silicone jackets resistant to moisture and extreme temperatures ranging from -40 to 428 degrees F.

The wires in this set are available in 7 and 8mm thickness and are designed to be identical to factory-installed units in form and functionality.

The Denso 671-8062 spark plug wires come with identical EO ends caps for easy installation. They fit correctly in position for superior performance.

These OE end caps efficiently prevent separation as you drive. However, the wires are not numbers or color-coded.

Walker Products 900-1607 Thundercore Ultra Spark Plug Wire Set


  • High-quality wires
  • Corrosion-resistant snap lock terminals
  • High-temp silicone boots
  • Meets OE standards


  • Not numbered or color-coded


These Walker 900-1607 Thundercore Ultra spark plug wires are made to the highest quality standards. They meet and exceed the OE strict standards based on fit, form, and functionality.

This wire set is wire-wound, multi-insulated, and SAEJ2031 Class E rated.

Thundercore Ultra wires feature premium corrosion-resistant snap lock terminals that facilitate easy installation and removal.

These wires are designed for a wide variety of vehicles, and they deliver excellent noise suppression.

Customers appreciate the excellent quality and perfect fit this product offers, leading to more durability and reliability even in extreme conditions.

What is a Spark Plug Wire Set and Why Do You Need It?

spark plug wire set

A spark plug wire set has electrical cables that channel high voltage pulses from the ignition coil in various engine systems. The ignition system works by sending sparks at regular intervals in order to ignite the engine’s fuel mixture. It’s the job of the ignition cables to carry the engine’s spark from the ignition coil to the spark plugs.

You need a spark plug wire set because the wires are essential in increasing your engine’s performance, gas mileage, and reducing RFI, which could interfere with the vehicle’s sensors and computer system.

Keep in mind that spark plug wires are also referred to as ignition cables.

3 Different Types of Spark Plug Wire

spark plug wire set

1. Distributed Resistance Wires

The distributed resistance wires are the most common spark plug wires found in most vehicles.

They’re made of fine carbon core wires bonded with fiberglass that provides high resistance.

The carbon material these wires are made of are highly resistant to radio frequency interference noise.

2. Inductance/ Magnetic Wires

The inductance resistant wires, also known as inducted wires, are the most common in Japanese cars.

This type of wire is made of spiral cores on which alloys of nickel and copper wires are wound.

The materials making this wire are highly resistant to electricity. Wires with high resistance to electricity will require less current to generate a spark.

3. Fixed Resistor Wires

You will mainly find this type of spark plug wires in European cars. They are made of steel and copper wires with resistors in the plug boots.

It works just like the magnetic resistance wire, with a few differences.

5 Benefits of Spark Plug Wires

spark plug wire set

1. Increased Engine Performance

A good quality, strong, and durable cable will reliably hold the spark until it finds its way into the plug for a long time. This will enhance the performance of your car.

A good spark plug wire will instantly transfer a spark from the ignition coil to the spark plugs.

The other regular OEM wire may work fine for a short while before their performance starts deteriorating and failing eventually. This can lead to problems like a misfire, lower idle, and lack or loss of power for your engine

2. Increased Gas Mileage

A high-quality spark cable will boost transfer the spark effectively to the spark plug, and thus your vehicle will use less gas.

A low-quality spark wire will not supply a spark to the spark plug adequately. This will reduce the performance of the spark plugs.

The poorly performing wire(s) will cause poor gas mileage. If you’re seeing less than the typical mileage, that’s a good indicator that your spark plug wires might need replacing.

3. Saves Cost

A poor cable means you will be replacing the wires from time to time. Also, driving a vehicle with faulty cables and poorly performing spark plugs may damage the car.

Repairing your vehicle will cost some extra cash that you could have saved with a good spark plug wire set.

4. Reduced Radio Frequency Interference

Good quality spark plugs are made of carbon. The carbon gives these cables a higher resistance to electronic frequencies.

This reduces the amount of radio frequency interference caused by other ignition processes in the car. Reduced RFI will improve the functioning of computer systems and sensors in the vehicle. 

5. Improved Cold Sparking

Spark plug wires are very crucial in your vehicle’s ignition system. Good spark plug wires reduce the chances of misfire and require less voltage to start the vehicle.

5 Things to Look for In Spark Plug Wire Set

spark plug wire set

1. Compatibility

The best type of spark plug wire depends on how you use your vehicle. For example, if you drive every day, distribution resistance spark plug wires are the best option.

2. Number of Spark Plugs

Some spark plug wire sets come with multiple wires that fit multiple types of spark plugs, while others are purchased separately. If your car has more spark plugs, you’ll need sets with more wires.

3. Length

The distance between the ignition or distributer to the plugs will determine the ideal length you should of the spark plug wires that you buy.

4. Numbering & Color Coding for Easy Installation

Some spark plug wires are numbered and color-coded for easy installation. If you buy the unnumbered unit, you’ll need to be careful to connect them properly.

5. Durability

The materials used in spark plug wires determine their durability. You should always buy the units made with high-quality materials for more durability.

When to Change a Spark Plug Wire

spark plug wire set

You should change your spark plug wires at the interval recommended in the manufacturer’s owner manual. It’s usually from 60,000 to 100,000 miles. Other factors like damage or poor performance may require you to change them before the recommended time.

How to Test Spark Plug Wire

There are four ways to test a spark plug wire:

1. Visual Inspection

Doing a visual inspection is the easiest way to test a spark plug wire.

Since the plug end boots are usually the first parts to fail, a visual inspection of the plug end boots will tell you if there is a problem.

To properly do a visual inspection, run your fingers through the whole length of the wires to feel any cracks or damages. If the wire is soaked in oil, you should replace it.

2. Look for Sparks

Wait until it’s dark at night, then pop up the hood and run the engine. If the wire is damaged, you will see sparks of electricity escaping to the nearest metal object which means that the wire needs to be replaced.

3. Make Sparks

Run a well-insulated grounded jumper wire or screwdriver along the wire and see if any sparks.

If the wire is damaged, you will see or hear the arcs when electricity leaks from the wire to the tool.

4. Measure Resistance

You can also use an ohmmeter to measure the resistance. For a good wire, the resistance should be within the ohm range given by the manufacturer.


What is the best brand of spark plug wires?

NGK is arguably the best brand of spark plug wires. Since its establishment in 1936, NGK has manufactured world-class quality spark plugs and other automotive products. One of its top products is the NGK RC-HE76 spark plug wire set.

Is there a difference in spark plug wires?

Yes, spark plug wires are different. Spark plug wires are either distributed resistance, inductance style, or fixed resistor

The major difference in these units lay in their resistance, durability, and applications.

Do high-performance spark plug wires make a difference?

Yes, high-performance spark plug wires make a difference. They maintain an appropriate spark for more miles and improve gas mileage.

Quality spark plug wires allow the spark plugs to start faster and keep the engine running efficiently. Running on a poorly made spark plug wire can lead to more fuel consumption.

How do you know when spark plug wires are bad?

You can easily know when spark plug wires are bad by observing these signs and symptoms:

– Rough engine idle
– Engine miss
– Engine hesitation
– Reduced engine power
– Engine surging

How Often Do You Need to Change Spark Plugs?

It’s recommended to change your spark plugs between 20,000 to 40,000 miles. While you can typically get to 80,000 miles before needing to change the spark plug wires, it’s wise to replace them before they are completely worn out.

How do I know if my spark plug wires are bad?

You will know that your spark plug wires are bad because your engine will have a rough idle. You could also notice a decrease in acceleration and power, along with lower fuel efficiency. It’s also possible that your engine light will come on.

How To Change Spark Plug Wires

Summary – Best Spark Plug Wire Sets

Determining whether faulty spark plug wires are the source of your engine problems is your first step. Once you know for certain that you need to replace them, then the next step is to figure out which wire sets will fit your car.

There are dozens and dozens on the market which can make it overwhelming to decide which one is best for your needs. The goal of this article is to help make it easy for you.

If you’re driving a Honda, then the NGK (8034) RC-HE76 Spark Plug Wire Set is a good option.

But have a look at the ACDelco 9748HH Professional because they fit Honda vehicles but will also fit other vehicles including the GM, Chrysler, Ford, Nissan, and Toyota*.