Castrol oil vs Mobil oil: Which Synthetic Oil Is Better?

castrol edge vs mobil 1

Everything that goes on under the hood can break or make your car. 

High-quality engine oil is the ideal way of ensuring that your truck, car, SUV, Ute, van, or 4×4 doesn’t break down. Oil separates moving parts in the engine like the crankshafts, valves, cylinders, and pistons.

If the oil breaks down, your engine is compromised because oil provides a vital layer of protection that, without it, your engine is susceptible to long-term wear.

Two of the most popular engine oils in the market are Castrol oil and Mobil oil.

If you’re like many car enthusiasts, you might probably be torn between the two.

Which is better?

Well, we’re here to answer everything you need to know about these two oils.

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Here, we’ll dig deep, compare the two oils and answer the question “Castrol oil vs Mobil oil: Which Synthetic Oil Is Better?”

Here’s a quick summary of the pros and cons of each brand and we go into more details below.

Castrol Oil Pros Mobil Oil Pros
– 5W viscosity – Flows fast
– Affordable– Resistant to freezing
– Long-lasting performance– Surpasses Dexos standards
– Wear and tear protection
– Titanium technology
Castrol Oil ConsMobil Oil Cons
– It isn’t readily available in brick-and-mortar stores– Pricier
– It isn’t ideal for marine engines– It isn’t ideal for aviation engines

Castrol Oil Overview

Castrol oil provides some of the best quality products for almost any vehicle. 

Their wide array of oils can suit any vehicle type and adapt to any condition. 

Most of their products are also affordable, and that’s why their products are so popular.

Castrol oil began in the 19th century and grew to become one of the leading high engine performance oils. 

The company is now a British Petroleum subsidiary, and they have a wide array of products that vary from consumer-grade oils to industrial products. Castrol has created a reputation for being the go-to company when you need affordable, high-quality oil.

Castrol Edge Oil

Their full synthetic Castrol Edge lineup enhances your vehicle’s overall performance. It rivals other Castrol oils like the GTX and provides your engine with better wear and tear protection. In return, the engine remains in great shape, thus saving you some repair costs.

Castrol Edge oil is enriched with titanium particles. It’s one of the reasons why the Edge lineup stands out from the competition like Mobil 1. Their technology aids with wear and tear but also reduces friction and provides deposit control protection.

The oil is formulated to work with many American and European car models, ensuring that you can have some peace of mind that the oil will most probably work for you. More so, unlike Mobil 1, it’s an affordable option, and it can significantly reduce your engine maintenance costs.

Pros of The oil retains its thickness, thus offering your optimal engine performance no matter the operating temperatures. Castrol oil’s viscosity allows you to use the oils in low and high-temperature conditions since they are heat and snow-resistant.

Castrol oil ensures that you won’t need to use any other oil if the weather condition changes. 

The different types of oil make it easier for you to find a solution that can work with a high mileage engine, thus preserving it better.

The Castrol oil range is also crucial to helping with negating piston slaps. Piston slaps are common in cold weather, and reducing them means that you get to have quieter valves.

Cons of Castrol Oil

Castrol oil offers you effective solutions, however, it isn’t the cheapest option. 

You also get to face the challenge of buying or accessing Castrol products in most brick-and-mortar establishments. 

You have to order the oils online at times, and you can encounter some delivery delays upon placing the order.

Some customers have also claimed that their cars became sluggish, especially in the top end. To negate this, you should go through your vehicle manual to know whether Castrol is the best product for the engine.

Mobil Oil Overview

Unlike Castrol oil, Mobil oil is always perceived as a high-end product. It’s a suitable option for new and well-maintained vehicles. Mobil oils are ideal for many applications, and some are available at a competitive price. The pricing ensures that you will never pay for overpriced products.

Their passion for automotive performance and technological innovation has helped them focus on product integrity and quality. In return, they offer you engine oil that will serve your car and eliminate all your lubrication hurdles.

Mobil oil also has experience developing the best formulations that enable clients to drive their cars for long durations and in any weather conditions. They balance their formulations to guarantee that your engine has ultimate protection and performance.

Mobil 1

Mobil 1 is amongst the most famous synthetic oils. It’s famous for its potential to maintain engine performance no matter the weather conditions. The advanced full synthetic formulation prolongs the engine life by preventing mineral deposits and sludge.

These properties make the oil one of the best in the market for engine lubrication. Besides offering you the best lubrication, Mobil 1 also provides the best wear and tear protection. It makes it easy to use your car during cold weather because it can start quickly.

Mobil 1 meets and exceeds Dexos standards, thus providing you with some peace of mind that you are using a high-quality product. Due to this, you can confidently say that the oil will help deliver the best engine performance.

Pros for Mobil Oil

One reason for considering Mobil oil is its consistency. It’s also a favorite solution for most manufacturers since seventy top-performance vehicles use the oil right from the factory. Mobil oil also boasts of its pedigree in Formula 1 and NASCAR.

Synthetic solutions like Mobil 1 are created with the best compounds to ease friction and boost engine life. They achieve this due to their shape and size that’s better than other conventional motor oils. Besides, the oil architecture aids provide better engine performance.

The oil is made to help with better performance in a wider range of temperatures while increasing the fuel economy. All Mobil oils are designed in a manner in which they can meet the demands of different engines and increase the sustainability of high mileage vehicles.

Cons of Mobil Oil

If you are on a tight budget, this isn’t the best solution for you. However, to ensure that you find the best price, you should compare the offerings of different sellers. According to Mobil, you should change your oil every 15,000 miles, and in the long run, this can be expensive.

Castrol Oil versus Mobil Oil

The best synthetic oils from both Castrol and Mobil are the Castrol Edge and Mobil 1. 

Choosing between these two means that you end up having a reliable oil solution for your engine. 

But here are several points to consider when making a purchase of either:


  • For both, the 5-quart container will retail under $30. 
  • However, with Mobil 1, you might have to pay $10 more than Castrol Edge, depending on your supplier. 
  • But if you overlook the prices, you can be certain that you are always getting the best oil solution for your car.


By exceeding Dexos standards, Mobil 1 stands out because it provides the best synthetic performance. 

Castrol Edge isn’t far behind since it takes advantage of its Titanium Technology to change the oil behaviour under pressure to maximize the engine’s performance. 

Both of these oils will provide reliable performance, even in colder areas.


Understanding the brands behind these synthetic oils aid in better knowing the best option. It assists in understanding the different manufacturers’ impact and knowing whether you are getting the best quality oils for your engine.

Mobil 1 is manufactured by Mobil and Castrol manufactures Castrol Edge. Both manufacturers have centuries of experience, meaning that they can make some of the best motor oils. Nowadays, Castrol is a subsidiary of BP.

They make a wide array of products that range from motor oils to lubricant oils for aeronautical use. On the other hand, Mobil oil is more focused on the echelon market, unlike Castrol, which also provides other oil options like Castrol Ultraclean and GTX.

Use Case

Both synthetic offerings from Castrol and Mobil can work in almost all engines. However, both get to work on different types of vehicles and situations. Mobil 1 is best suited for modern vehicles, including trucks, SUVs, and high-performance cars.

Its formulation also aids vehicles in cold weather by ensuring quick and easy startups. On the other hand, Castrol Edge works best in high-performance engines because its titanium technology helps strengthen the engine and negate any breakdown.

Castrol Oil ProsCastrol Oil Cons
5W viscosityIt isn’t readily available in brick-and-mortar stores
AffordableIt isn’t ideal for marine engines
Long-lasting performance
Wear and tear protection
Titanium technology
Mobil Oil ProsMobil Oil Cons
Flows fastPricier
It helps clean the engineIt isn’t ideal for aviation engines
Resistant to freezing
Surpasses Dexos standards

FAQs – Castrol Edge Oil vs. Mobil 1 Oil: Which Synthetic Oil Is Better?

Q: Is full synthetic oil better?

A: Yes, full synthetic oil is better. That’s because it can withstand low and high temperatures and help reduce engine breakdown.

Q: What are the disadvantages of synthetic oil?

A: The disadvantage of synthetic oil compared to conventional oils is that synthetic oils are expensive and might not work perfectly with older cars.

Q: Can I mix synthetic and regular oil?

A: Yes, you can mix synthetic and regular oil. However, regular oil might affect the superior performance of synthetic oil, thus reducing its advantages.

Q: Is synthetic oil good for high mileage engines?

A: Yes, synthetic oil is good for high mileage engines. However, this can vary from engine to engine. Therefore, it’s advisable to speak to a professional who can assess your engine and know the necessary changes to make before the switch.

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