Car Gear Guru

We created Car Gear Guru so vehicle owners would have one trusted resource for their vehicle needs and questions.

I’m Dianne, the daughter of a mechanic, who from a young age learned first-hand from my father, how important it is to treat your car with love and respect – that is, if you want it to run well and for a long time. My partner, Glen, is a lover of cars – especially fast cars. Cars were always a passion and they still are today (yes, especially cars that go fast).

We provide vehicle-related information and guidance. There are approximately 297 million registered cars in the USA alone and we believe that a decent number of those car owners want to understand more about their car and how to maintain it so they don’t need to rely 100% on the local mechanic or dealership (costly).

We’re here to help vehicle owners who:

  • Don’t want to hand over all their cash to a local mechanic. Maybe, they’re okay with handing over some, but not all :-). Let’s be honest, there are some jobs that only make sense for a certified mechanic to do in a shop that has the right tools and equipment. Our goal is to help you figure out which jobs you can do yourself, and then step you through them.
  • Need to give their vehicle a shine, or remove a dent or replace the oil… but don’t want to spend hours and hours trying to figure out which product will do the best job. They want someone to narrow down that choice so they can just get on with it.
  • Want to do certain jobs themselves so they can brag to whomever will listen that they changed the oil, detailed their interior or pulled a dent so noone will ever know it was there. We simplify the steps and help you figure out how to finish the job.

Our goal is to simplify things. Make it easier for vehicle owners to buy what they need, understand what they need and fix what they need to fix.

Our Process

We create articles that are informative, useful and trustworthy. They’re all written by vehicle enthusiasts with years of knowledge and experience.

When creating a comparison article or writing reviews, we do hours and hours of research so that the end result provides our readers with clear, concise and helpful information – making life simpler so vehicle owners can have less to sweat about.

The Team


I’ve been fixing my cars since I was a young teenager. It’s what kept me out of trouble. My passion for cars continued to grow over the years so I decided to take what I had learned and produce helpful pieces of writing so other people could benefit. I write product comparisons, opinion articles, buyer guides and reviews that help simplify the life of vehicle owners.


A true lover of cars from when I was a kid. Sure, I love fast vehicles but I also understand there’s a place for bigger vehicles. Regardless of the size or whether the car can break Indy speed records, my passion is pretty straightforward – I enjoy and have fun with all-things vehicle-related. I love figuring out the latest and the greatest and sharing my knowledge about vehicle repair and maintenance. Whether I’m doing research on a product that will serve you and your article best or sharing my thoughts in an opinion piece, my writing is full of passion, accuracy and details that help vehicle owners.


As mentioned above, I’m a true lover of cars, and yes, fast cars. I’ve been drooling over cars since I bought my first Honda Prelude SE at the ripe age of 25. I’m not a mechanic but I understand what’s going on under a hood and thoroughly enjoy doing my own work. Sometimes that means changing the oil or changing the tires or spending a Sunday afternoon detailing the inside and outside. I write opinion pieces, reviews and share which products I think work best. Sometimes I’ll do some comparisons and share what I discover.


I’m a big fan of vehicles that are reliable. I don’t actually care if it goes really fast, as long as it’s reliable and can easily hold the speed limit on the freeway. When I was a teenager, I had a car that would just stop – didn’t matter where I was driving – but typically it would leave me abandoned somewhere on a freeway. Talk about stressful, and frustrating. Ya, my dad was a mechanic but if I was old enough to own a car, I was old enough to take on the responsibility of owning a car. Needless to say, that car had an electrical problem that couldn’t easily be diagnosed or fixed so it went to wherever useless cars go. I write opinion articles, test products and then write about what I’ve learned so I can save you time, and money.